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Technical - Backup

How can I enable backups on my existing Droplet?

To enable backups on an existing Droplet, click on the Backups link on the sidebar of the Droplet's page in the Control Panel. Then click the blue Enable Backups button.

How much do you charge for backups?

The pricing for backups is 20% of the Droplet; so for a $5 Droplet - backup is $1 per month. For a $20 Droplet - backup is $4 per month.

How can I download a backup?

Unfortunately you are unable to store a snapshot or backup outside of our environment.

If you are wanting to backup your data, we recommend taking a look at these community articles:

How can I rebuild my Droplet?

You can most definitely rebuild your current Droplet. In the control panel you can use the following process to rebuild your Droplet:

  1. Click on your Droplet
  2. Click on the destroy tab
  3. Click on the "Rebuild" sub-tab
  4. Either click "rebuild from original" or select a different OS image to use and click "Rebuild from image"
How can I recover from an unbootable Droplet?

You have two options: 1. Attempt Recovery with Fsck Kernel 2. Attempt Recovery with a Recovery ISO

Read about it here: How to Recover from File System Corruption Using Fsck and a Recovery ISO

Please let us know if you need to have the ArchISO set as the boot device on your Droplet.

How do I add swap to prevent resource crashes?

By default the virtual server is not configured with swap since it degrades the Solid State Drives, which can occasionally cause a process to be killed.

To correct this issue, you can add swap by following this guide: How to Configure Virtual Memory Swap File on a VPS

If that doesn't help, you may want to consider resizing to a larger Droplet and see if that prevents your virtual server or process from crashing.

How can I repair my filesystem?

You can repair your filesystem using the following process:

  1. Power off your Droplet and change your kernel to the DO-recovery-static-fsck image.
  2. Boot your Droplet and access it via the console in the control panel.
  3. Run the command "fsck /dev/vda"
  4. Answer yes to any requests to repair errors
  5. Power off your Droplet, change the kernel back to the original, and reboot