The DigitalOcean Marketplace is the home for One-Click applications, which are pre-built images that let you create Droplets with software and features already set up for you.

One-Click applications save you time by automating common setup steps like package installation, firewall rules, and software configuration. Instead of dealing with manual server administration, you can focus on getting your application off the ground quickly.

For Users

Creating a Droplet from a One-Click application is as easy as creating a regular Droplet. On the Droplet create page, in the Choose an image section, click the Marketplace tab and select the One-Click you want to use. After choosing the rest of your Droplet settings, like size and region, click Create.

You can explore the available One-Click applications in the Marketplace portal or, when you’re logged in, in the DigitalOcean Control Panel. This is also where you can more detailed documentation for each One-Click application, including package versions, initial setup, and API creation instructions.

For Vendors

There are a number of One-Click applications that DigitalOcean develops and supports, and even more which are developed and supported by our third-party Vendors. If you’d like to bring your app, tool, or service to our community, you can learn more about becoming a Vendor.