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Announcing general availability of Add-Ons on the DigitalOcean Marketplace

Posted: April 26, 20225 min read

In 2019, we launched the DigitalOcean Marketplace, so that builders can quickly install common software packages on DigitalOcean Droplets while giving them the flexibility to perform their own software maintenance and management. We called these solutions Droplet 1-Click Apps, and later added Kubernetes 1-Click Apps to reduce the complexity of deploying software packages to clusters. The 200+ DigitalOcean Marketplace 1-Click Apps are for users that want to spin up quickly and manage their software. Now, we’re thrilled to offer SaaS solutions via the DigitalOcean Marketplace as Add-Ons that run in the cloud and are available on demand. These Add-Ons are offered by innovative software providers that apply to the DigitalOcean Marketplace and enable anyone to get the benefit of SaaS apps quickly and easily.

How builders benefit from Add-Ons

Add-Ons quickly add new capabilities to your Droplets, Kubernetes clusters, apps, or business operations. Unlike 1-Click Apps that allow for a higher level of installation and configuration control, developers choose Add-Ons when they don’t want to install and manage software.

By using Add-Ons offered through the DigitalOcean Marketplace, developers get easier account management, transparent pricing, provider-managed security, and maintenance. Add-Ons improve the developer experience and give small businesses and startups the solutions they need to keep growing. Add-Ons integrate simply and quickly through an API key, or via a checkbox on the Droplet Create page.

“So much engineering work is created when teams need to support 3rd party software, especially if it’s not core to their solution. That’s why we are excited to offer WayScript as an Add-On to the DigitalOcean Marketplace: developers can spin up and down an endless number of software solutions that grow with the company’s needs without worrying about the maintenance.” Jesse Orshan, CEO of WayScript

Near zero management and maintenance

Because Add-Ons are SaaS solutions, they require little administration as compared to most software that runs directly on Kubernetes clusters, Droplets, or containers. Since Add-Ons are delivered on-demand via software providers in the DigitalOcean Marketplace, teams can add new functionality fast, without adding technical debt or consuming valuable engineering team capacity.

Simplify account management

Typically, developers have to create a new account for each SaaS solution they want to add to their application. This means spending time on account management and managing multiple invoices. Add-Ons allow builders to automatically have an account provisioned with their chosen SaaS provider, have a seamless and secure login to the SaaS provider’s dashboard, and get centralized billing through DigitalOcean.

Simplify pricing

Software providers offer free and paid plans for their Add-Ons in the DigitalOcean Marketplace. Plan details and pricing information are shown on each Add-On listing page, and give developers the information they need to determine if an Add-On will meet their needs.

See the Add-Ons in action

In the following video, Chris (@Chris Sevilleja) explains how Add-Ons work, and puts a couple into action in just a few minutes!

Try Add-Ons today

We’re delighted to launch a handpicked set of Add-Ons built by software providers like Plesk, SolarWinds, SnapShooter, and Better Stack that serve a variety of popular use cases for builders.

For years, Plesk and the WebPros Group have partnered with DigitalOcean, with thousands of shared customers using both the Plesk and cPanel 1-Click Apps.

“We’re glad to double down again on our successful partnership and look forward to helping builders on DigitalOcean improve their uptime and service offerings through better server and website monitoring with our 360 Monitoring Add-On.” - Lucas Radke, Product Manager at Plesk


Plesk’s 360 Monitoring Add-On empowers you to monitor any website or server, track performance, and prevent downtime with configurable dashboards, easy set-up, and custom tools.

Better Stack offers two useful Add-Ons, Logtail and Better Uptime. The Better Uptime Add-On is a monitoring platform that calls your phone if anything goes wrong. Schedule on-call duties, receive helpful alerts, and collaborate on solving incidents faster than ever. A branded status page on your domain keeps your users informed, with over 100+ integrations.

Status List Add-On combines uptime, performance monitoring, and a built-in status page in one service. They monitor your web service and tell you when your service is down or running extremely slow. All your monitors and their statuses are on a single page. And you can deflect customers to your Status List hosted status page during an outage.


You can get hourly to daily backups of Droplets, volumes, databases, and applications with the SnapShooter Add-On. Over 5.6M+ snapshots and 200+ petabytes have been managed for DigitalOcean customers using SnapShooter already.

Business Ops

Helpy Pro Add-On is a turnkey ticketing and customer support platform, and is perfect for quickly adding helpdesk functionality to your project on DigitalOcean!

Log management

SolarWinds offers the Papertrail Add-On, a log management solution capable of installing in seconds to provide instant log visibility. It includes full-text search and the ability to view, pause, and search live event data, share, reuse, and alert on popular searches to catch issues early and reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR).

Better Stack, who we mentioned earlier, also provides the Logtail Add-On, which lets you query your logs the same way you query a database. You can store your logs in a structured format and search them easily with SQL, create actionable dashboards with hosted Grafana, archive log fragments, collaborate with colleagues, get automatic anomaly detection alerts, and more.

Automation and DevOps

The WayScript Add-On is an Internal Developer Platform (IDP) that enables builders to spin up customizable development environments in a single click which integrate Docker, Kubernetes, and all your third-party dev tooling (GitHub, Datadog, PagerDuty, Jenkins, CircleCI, Auth0, etc.). Builders use it daily to quickly build REST APIs, cron jobs, data pipelines, internal tools, and other automation. WayScript is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant, and you can use WayScript through your desktop, browser, or self-host your own air-gapped version.


If you need to increase the performance of your data layer, consider using the MemCachier Add-On. This reliable and powerful memcache-as-a-service allows for faster access to your data.


The Add-on provides Postgres with modern import, query, and share features. You can auto-import data with a simple drag and drop, query without installing tools, and share as fast as Github. Become productive with data in 5 seconds, not 5 weeks.


Implement cloud governance, fix identity and access issues, and secure your container workloads using the Cloudanix Add-On. Cloudanix provides monitoring and remediation tools across AWS, Azure, GCP, DigitalOcean, and Kubernetes.

The SOOS Add-On is software security for everyone, providing an easy-to-integrate software security solution for your whole team. Build, catch, and fix vulnerabilities with composition analysis, or find vulnerabilities by scanning a web application or APIs with SOOS DAST.

Submit your Add-On to the Marketplace

As our community grows each day, so does our list of Add-Ons from open source projects, enterprises, and startups. If you or your team offers Software-as-a-Service solutions, wants to generate a new revenue stream, and is excited to reach 600,000+ passionate builders across the world, then DigitalOcean Marketplace is an ideal fit for you.

Visit the DigitalOcean Marketplace Vendor Page for information and to register today.

Happy Coding,

John Gannon

Director, Marketplace


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