DigitalOcean Projects allow you to organize your resources into groups that fit the way you work. You can group resources (like Droplets, Spaces, load balancers, domains, and Floating IPs) in ways that align with the applications, environments, clients, and projects that you host on DigitalOcean.

Projects build on the idea of tags, which are labels you add to resources to indicate a connection. Going further, projects gather resources into a focused navigational experience to provide a more holistic view of your work.

To start, all of your resources are organized into a single default project. As your infrastructure grows, separating resources into projects can help you focus and save you time navigating the control panel.

  • Projects Overview
  • High-level information, like plans and pricing, availability, feature overviews, and known issues.

  • Projects Quickstart
  • Just the essentials to go from zero to working in a few minutes.

  • Projects How-Tos
  • How to accomplish specific tasks in detail, like creation/deletion, configuration, and management.

  • Projects Resources
  • Native and third-party tools, troubleshooting, and answers to frequently asked questions.