Spaces Object Storage

Store and deliver vast amounts of content

S3-compatible object storage with a built-in CDN that makes scaling easy, reliable, and affordable.

Spaces overview

Affordable, predictable pricing

$ 5 per month

  • 250 GB of storage
  • 1 TB of outbound transfer
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Unlimited Spaces

$0.02 per additional GB stored

$0.01 per additional GB transferred

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Designed for developers. Built for business.

Spaces complements local and network storage to help your business scale.

Spend less

Easy, predictable pricing that can provide over 90% savings on storage and bandwidth costs compared to other providers.

Reduce complexity

Object storage with a built-in content delivery network (CDN) meets your infrastructure needs with a simpler architecture.

Move faster

Easy to use in just 2 clicks, creating the most efficient design possible with API docs that anyone can understand.

Easily integrate

Our API is S3-compatible, so you can reuse existing tools and code.

Access globally

Over 150,000 businesses and 1 million developers around the world use DigitalOcean’s secure and reliable cloud infrastructure.

“Spaces has given us the high scalability we need, allowing us to add and grow as much as we want, with no restrictions whatsoever.”

David Waizer
Director of DevOps, Senzari

Practical use cases for object storage

Digitalocean%2f19f4eb2c 6d92 4b44 a0a3 2a769259eb35 web asset delivery

Web asset delivery

Host and deliver static web or application assets such as images, JavaScript, and CSS. Enable the CDN with geo-edge caching to speed up your end user experience. Use your own subdomain with an SSL certificate to create a seamless secure architecture.

Digitalocean%2fa6ebd2a1 1e33 4cf6 9283 7a54147e53da media hosting

Media hosting

Redundant, scalable, and highly available infrastructure to host video, photo, or audio assets.

Digitalocean%2ffb402d65 2959 462f aeda e9068fc5c35e software delivery

Software delivery

Host images, containers, or software libraries that your customers can download.

41361ba8f778646df2115b5da96c6ae846b640d8 high fidelity logo

“We see support for DigitalOcean Spaces as a strategic advantage for us and our user community as users embrace deployment of their creations in virtual reality on the cloud.”

Philip Rosedale
CEO, High Fidelity
Objects Stored
5 Billion +
Geo-edge locations

Features that help you scale

S3 Compatible

Use the large existing ecosystem of S3 tools, utilities, plugins, extensions, and libraries to manage your Spaces.

Content Delivery Edge Network (CDN)

Reduce the latency when loading frequently accessed content by up to 70%, improving overall site or app performance. Map a custom subdomain and secure it with an existing SSL certificate or use a free Let's Encrypt certificate.

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

Prevent cross domain security warnings and avoid complex configuration files by using an intuitive CORS rules manager built into our Cloud UI or the S3-compatible API.

Enhanced file browser

Upload multiple files with simple drag-and-drop and manage all your content from a beautifully simple control panel.

Global availability

Currently available from four data centers: NYC3, AMS3, SGP1, and SFO2. Create your Space near your Droplets and customers.


Data transfer is automatically secured with SSL (HTTPS). You can make your files public or private or offer a Quick Share link that expires after a specified time.

Committed to your success

Digitalocean%2f2902518e 7969 4c89 bee6 387879098777 get started

Quick and easy to get started

Digitalocean%2fea71b40d 0f13 4e9f a675 c8fef31cefa8 documentation

Robust, easy to follow documentation and tutorials

Digitalocean%2f320246be 1dd6 4eae 9442 1cbd81a684e3 customer support

World class customer support

Content Ignite logo

“Content Ignite now uses nearly all of DigitalOcean’s product offerings, but the object storage provided by DigitalOcean Spaces and the ease of use of the DigitalOcean API are two qualities that our team has come to value in particular.”

Lee Groombridge
CEO, Content Ignite

It’s easy to get started

Always know what you’ll pay with simple, predictable pricing for bandwidth and storage across all global data centers.

$ 5 per month

  • 250 GB of storage
  • 1 TB of outbound transfer
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Unlimited Spaces

$0.02 per additional GB stored

$0.01 per additional GB transferred

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