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7 December 2020

  • Load balancers now come in small, medium, and large sizes. The larger the load balancer, the more simultaneous connections and requests per second it can manage. Existing load balancers are now considered “small” load balancers and are unaffected by this change.

4 December 2020

  • Released v1.54.0 of doctl, the official DigitalOcean CLI. This release user confirmation before container registry garbage collection is started.

1 December 2020

  • We recently replaced Standard Droplet plans with Basic Droplet plans. Today, we have deprecated Standard Droplet plans from the API for new users. Existing customers will retain grandfathered access to these plans. See the API changelog for a full list of deprecated plans.

  • Fixed a bug that intermittently caused blank control panel pages in certain GeoIP regions.

For more, see our full release notes.