Resilient network

Excellent worldwide connectivity, robust networking products, Tier-1 bandwidth, and redundant 40G hypervisor connections to ensure 99.99% uptime and throughput.

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Load Balancers

Increase your application's availability. Load Balancers are a highly available, fully-managed service that work right out of the box and can be deployed as fast as a Droplet. Load Balancers will distribute incoming traffic across your Droplets, enabling you to build more reliable and performant applications by creating redundancy.

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Digitalocean%2f5b17bec3 c5a9 4e36 bb3f 059daca7e46a floating ips

Floating IPs

Redirect network traffic between any of your Droplets within the same data center using a Floating IP, a static IP address that points to one of your Droplets. With Floating IPs, you can create highly available server structures without a single point of failure.

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Digitalocean%2f6d01ba8d cd48 4e25 8d1e faef86de79cf firewalls

Cloud Firewalls

Easily secure your infrastructure and define what services are visible on your Droplets. Cloud Firewalls are free and perfect for staging and production deployments.

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Digitalocean%2fe33ed647 cbd4 48f6 a042 b5dd7befb597 dns


Easily create a DNS record by entering your domain name and selecting your Droplet. Full featured DNS management allows you to easily control every aspect of your domain's DNS settings. Supports both master and slave zones.

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Digitalocean%2f103c4f5a 6db5 407f b252 7fe6aae52823 private networking

Private networking

Private networking isolates communication at the account or team level between Droplets located in the same data center. It also enables Droplets to "talk" with other Droplets in the same data center. Traffic sent between Droplets across the private network will not count toward the bandwidth costs and can be used for database replication, file storage, and similar host-to-host communication.

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Digitalocean%2f4c00e73c f469 486b 82b0 0a4477325f03 uptime

99.99% uptime SLA

We provide a 99.99% uptime SLA around network, power and virtual server availability. If we fail to deliver, we'll credit you based on the amount of time that service was unavailable.

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