Accounts & Billing

Getting Started

Get details about setting up an account with DigitalOcean:

Accounts and Teams

There are two ways of working with DigitalOcean accounts: with individual accounts and with teams.

Your individual account allows you, as a single user, to manage your infrastructure and billing. From your account, you can also create teams. Teams allow groups to work together, providing full access for developers as well as a role for one or more dedicating billing contacts.

The Accounts section of this documentation covers detailed information about the control panel options for accounts and teams.

  • Your Profile Page
  • The profile page lets you edit information like your name and address, manage your login method, change your email preferences, and deactivate your account.

  • Billing
  • Details about billing, payments, and taxes.

  • DigitalOcean Teams
  • Share access to DigitalOcean resources with multiple users without sharing login credentials or billing information.

  • Security
  • Manage your login method, two-factor authentication, and SSH keys. View the history of actions that have been taken in your account.

  • Referral Program
  • If you enjoy DigitalOcean and want to share it with friends and colleagues, you can earn account credit and track signups with a referral code.