Regional Availability Matrix

Datacenter Regions

DigitalOcean’s datacenters are in the following locations:

  • NYC1, NYC2, NYC3: New York City, United States
  • AMS2, AMS3: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • SFO1, SFO2: San Francisco, United States
  • SGP1: Singapore
  • LON1: London, United Kingdom
  • FRA1: Frankfurt, Germany
  • TOR1: Toronto, Canada
  • BLR1: Bangalore, India

Product Availability by Datacenter Region

Each product’s availability is listed on its overview page. This table summarizes the availability for our major products. You can learn more about product availability from our product release lifecycle stages.

Table Key

  • Full availability. All users can create this resource in this datacenter.

  • Hover for more information. Limited availability. There may be limited capacity in this datacenter, or the product may be in an earlier phase of the product lifecycle.

  • Hover for more information. Future availablity. We intend to offer the product in this datacenter in the future. For example, we can expand availability a product enters global availability. We’ll provide more information as we have it in the tooltips and in our release notes.

Droplets General Purpose plans available. Limited capacity. Restricted to users with existing resources only. Limited capacity. Restricted to users with existing resources only. Limited capacity. Restricted to users with existing resources only. General Purpose plans available.
Kubernetes Coming Q1 2019 Coming Q1 2019.
Volumes Some legacy hardware. Attach volumes during Droplet creation to ensure compatibility.
Databases Planned in 2019.
Spaces Creation temporarily disabled during systems maintenance.
Load Balancers

Regional Compatibility for Droplet-Specific Resources

Many of our products and features are designed to work with Droplets, and are available in the same regions that Droplets are. These Droplet-specific resources can have different levels of regional compatibility:

  • Region agnostic. Not region specific, so you don’t choose a datacenter when you create or use these resources. Works with Droplets in all datacenters.
  • All regions. Region specific. Works with Droplets in all datacenters.
  • Same region only. Region specific. Works with Droplets in the same datacenter.

The overview page of each product and feature details its regional compatibility. The following table summarizes:

Region Agnostic Droplets in All Regions Droplets in the Same Region Only
DNS One-Clicks Backups (to create Droplets)
Cloud Firewalls Snapshots Floating IPs
Tags Backups (to enable) Load Balancers
Custom Images Private Networking
Load Balancers