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Connect contact form on D.O. droplet to TurboSMTP

April 22, 2015 1.1k views
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Hi there,

I have a website hosted on Digital Ocean which has two contact forms - one for accessing a sales content (so our sales staff can contact customers later), the other as a generic contact form for follow up information. They were previously set up to forward information entered into them to a Gmail account. Postfix is installed on the droplet and configured with DKIM. However, Google keeps rejecting the emails from the contact form as possible spam. I have followed all of their guidelines (SPF records correct, DKIM set up, etc.), but nothing seems to be working. As an alternative to Postfix, I heard a suggestion to set up an account with TurboSMTP and use that to for sending these emails from the droplet. TurboSMTP's website didn't offer much help. Does anyone have any experience in using TurboSMTP? If so, how do I configure Postfix or the website to work with TurboSMTP?

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