Computation and big data

Collect, store, process, and analyze massive datasets on DigitalOcean.

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Rick O'Toole

Rick O'Toole

CTO & Co-Founder at Rockerbox

"We run a Mesos Cluster with HDFS on top of DigitalOcean. This cluster handles our data pipeline, model generation, databases and end-user applications, enabling us to process over 200k requests per second."
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Use cases for large datasets

Built for big data

DigitalOcean provides the flexibility your team needs to process and manage big data.

All-SSD cloud

Ensures greater performance for real-time stream processing and big data analytics services.

Set up and scale quickly

Get your environment set up within seconds or scale worker pools as needed using our flexible API.

Fully customizable

Easily mix and match resources like block storage volumes and high memory Droplets to support your applications.

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