Teams: Work Better Together

Posted 2016-06-14  in Product Updates
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At DigitalOcean we know that it takes teamwork to build and ship great things to the world. Our own products wouldn't exist without passionate, hard-working teams collaborating to create easy-to-use experiences for developers.

A year ago we launched Teams on DigitalOcean to "better support teams of developers and companies working on large-scale and established applications." The first iteration focused on developer teams managing larger, more complex, production systems by organizing all of their infrastructure under one roof, with one invoice, and no shared credentials.

Since then, over 30,000 teams have been created, with some of those teams having hundreds of members. We felt this was a good first step, and we were interested to hear what you had to say about how we could help your teams work better. The feedback we received was resounding:

  • Developers often contribute to multiple teams at the same time and want to easily switch between them without having multiple logins
  • Managers need easy-to-use tools to help make sure that everyone has access to the right teams at the right time
  • Teams, even within the same organization, often have different budgets that need to be managed by different departments

We are happy to announce that, as of today, we've made it even easier to work with your teams using DigitalOcean. These improvements make scaling team collaboration simple.

One account, multiple teams

Team members are no longer restricted to membership in a single team. With a single login, everyone can now be a part of up to 10 teams.

Easily switch between teams and your personal account

There is now an easy-to-use dropdown for switching between your personal account and teams, located at the top-right of the control panel.

Switching teams

Better invitations & team management

It's easier than ever to invite members of your team. We added Gmail support, so you can connect and quickly invite your existing team in just a few clicks. Team owners can now see which team members have turned on two-factor-auth, and we've added better search and sorting functionality to help really large teams easily manage their members.

New role for "billing"

Lastly, for teams who need someone to make sure everything keeps running smoothly, there is a new "billing" role within a team, which grants access to your account's billing settings but not Droplets.

Keep the ideas coming

Thank you to everyone who has used Teams and provided feedback. We hope these improvements help make it a little easier for you to build and ship great things. Please keep the feedback coming. We would love to hear from you!