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Introducing Software License Subscriptions on DigitalOcean Marketplace

authorGrace Morgan

 Product Marketing Manager

Posted: March 18, 20242 min read

Launched in 2019, DigitalOcean Marketplace is a platform where developers can find pre configured applications and business solutions to quickly get up and running. Designed with simplicity at its heart, DigitalOcean works closely with vendors to deliver a truly seamless experience for users, creating the ability for developers to deploy fully tested app environments with the click of a button.

Now, with almost 300 DigitalOcean Marketplace 1-Click Apps, we are excited to offer software license subscriptions on DigitalOcean Marketplace as Add-Ons. Customers will no longer have to purchase their software licenses through a third-party vendor, instead, they will be able to purchase the licenses directly in the Marketplace and have it injected into their Droplets.

Now Available: Plesk Software Licenses as Add-Ons

Initially launching in collaboration with Plesk, customers will now be able to purchase their Plesk Obsidian software license directly through DigitalOcean Marketplace. Plesk is one of the leading web hosting control panels and management platforms, providing users with a simple yet performant platform developed for modern website hosting. With Plesk on DigitalOcean, customers will have access to a modern and lightweight application to manage their servers and websites through one intuitive browser-based interface.

Why purchase your software license through DigitalOcean Marketplace?

One of the biggest challenges that small and medium businesses face is building, scaling and managing their technology stacks. At DigitalOcean, we have an expansive selection of 1-Click Apps and Add-Ons to help you accelerate your growth as a company. With just a single click and a few minutes, you can deploy apps and add-ons that seamlessly integrate into your DigitalOcean cloud environment, eliminating the need for complicated setups and extensive configuration.

With this update, our goal is to make it easier for customers to provision the license they need to unlock the software they are already deploying and using. The addition of license add-ons allows customers to scale their usage of the Marketplace by centralizing their license billing and management through DigitalOcean. Users will be able to purchase licenses using their trusted DigitalOcean account, manage their licenses all within the DO UI, and have the ability to upgrade/downgrade/end their license subscriptions easily and at any time through the DigitalOcean console.

What’s next?

We are actively working on the vendor experience so that more companies can list their software license on DigitalOcean Marketplace. This new feature will allow vendors that offer their product through licensing to expand rapidly, enabling countless product integrations and streamlining access to the DigitalOcean user base.

If you or your team offers licensed software that can be hosted on a Droplet, wants to generate a new revenue stream, and is excited to reach 600,000+ passionate builders across the world, then DigitalOcean Marketplace is an ideal fit for you.

Visit the DigitalOcean Marketplace Vendor Page for information and to register today.


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