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Introducing new enhanced features for DigitalOcean Support Plans

authorNicole Ghalwash

 Product Marketing Manager

Posted: March 4, 20243 min read

In 2022, DigitalOcean solidified our commitment to being a business-ready cloud by launching paid support plans, an extension of our Starter support that is included for all users. Our DigitalOcean Support Plans are tailored to businesses running mission-critical applications and require fast response times and hands-on technical advice that they can’t find with other hyperscaler cloud providers. The DigitalOcean Support Plans enable businesses to focus on building their applications, while dedicated support teams provide them with technical enablement to help ensure their cloud infrastructure is optimized to their specific needs. As a refresher, our current support plans include:

  • Starter Plan: For anyone who wants general guidance and troubleshooting. This plan is included for all customers.

  • Developer Plan: For teams developing and testing with non-production workloads.

  • Standard Plan: For teams deploying and maintaining production workloads.

  • Premium Plan: For businesses serving large customer bases with mission-critical applications.

Enhancements to DigitalOcean Support Plans

To continue providing value and support to our customers as they work to achieve their dreams in the cloud, we are excited to announce new, enhanced features coming to the DigitalOcean Support Plans at no additional cost.

Coming to all plans:

  • Average Resolution Times: An estimate of how long it takes us to resolve a customer ticket. This is different from the response time and gives you an idea of how long it takes us to solve an issue/ticket at various tiers. Customers can now count on a precise estimate of time to guide the resolution process.

Coming to the Standard Plan and Premium Plan:

  • Monthly newsletter: A comprehensive newsletter that informs customers about announcements, product tips and tricks, best practices, and Marketplace recommendations to best complement DigitalOcean products and services.

Coming to the Premium Plan:

  • Customer monthly report: An individualized customer report that provides a monthly overview of account usage and activity. This report offers invaluable insight to customers about their resource usage and patterns on the DigitalOcean platform each month. This in-depth report will include details on everything that the customer runs on DigitalOcean with monthly usage analysis for the past 3-12 months.

  • Higher API limit: Customers can now enjoy a higher hourly limit per API OAuth token. This higher default limit improves the functionality of highly interactive DigitalOcean platforms for customers with large amounts of data.

These new features, in conjunction with our already existing features will offer customers the support they need to help ensure their workloads are secured, running efficiently, and accounted for. With DigitalOcean Support Plans, customers can have peace of mind knowing that our knowledgeable team of engineers provide both support and problem resolution by tending to workload needs. We know how much you rely on DigitalOcean to host your applications and protect your data, which is why we are excited to offer these extended features to our support plans. These features will provide you with greater peace of mind so you can continue to serve your customers with ease.

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To take advantage of DigitalOcean’s extensive support plans and enhanced features, please review the support plan details and pricing structures. To learn more about which support plan is right for your business, contact our sales team to discuss further.


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