Digital ocean and server

October 24, 2014 1.6k views

Hello I am wondering if digital ocean basically works like dos in the sense both needs commands to work? I am wondering as well is digital ocean servers work in the same or similar ways to other servers?

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DigitalOcean provides you with a Linux based server that you access using the command line. It can be daunting at first for some, but it's a great environment to learn in. As you only pay for what you uses, you can spin up a server test something out and then destroy it when you're done. We provide a wide range of tutorials on different server administration topics that should help you out. You might want to start by browsing the Linux Basics tag. One that might be helpful if you're not familiar with the command line is:

by Justin Ellingwood
Taking your first steps on the command line can be rather daunting. In this article, we seek to make your introduction easy and straight forward. We are going to start small by showing you how to move around on the command line, find out where you are and what is around you. You can use these skills in subsequent guides to complete more complex tasks.
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