DNS problem: SERVFAIL looking up A for

Posted January 24, 2019 8.7k views


This Error appears when i tried to use certbot –webroot and said that can’t reach the A record for my hostname and

On the other side, i used an A record for and a CNAME for www and when I’m pinging or tape my hostname in google the website will respond normally.

what the problem with my DNS ?

ps: i use Digitalocean DNS.


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Hey friend,

It looks like you’ve very recently changed your nameservers. This article is a good read on what to expect after making that change:–explained

The short version is, you can expect it to take as much as 48 hours for remote DNS servers (not our DNS servers, but the various DNS resolvers out there) to pick up on the change.


  • Hello,

    So all what I need now is to wait for the changes when will be applied?

    What i didn’t understand too is why when i tape my domain name in a web browser or make a ping the server response ? with the domain name or with my Droplet ip address.


    • I would wait 5-6 hours at least. Some DNS servers will update faster than others. It works like this:

      System 1: Has recently performed a lookup for Now any changes to will not be seen by System 1 until the DNS record reaches it’s TTL value, at which point System 1 requests a new record.

      System 2: Has not recently performed a lookup for Now any changes to will be seen instantly, because it has no cached copy and it’s next DNS lookup is immediately made remotely.

      DNS propagation is not a situation in which all systems update at the same time, but a situation in which every system that has performed a DNS lookup for the domain has to reach the end of the TTL value set on that domain’s DNS at previous lookup before it will perform a fresh lookup.

      • I changed the nameserver for my domain into Godaddy and yesterday they notified me that the nameservers have been changed so i already spent a day.

        Maybe in your situation is faster than me so i will wait for more time.

        I also used whatsmydns tool to check my DNS status and i found some region with the red cross when i check the A record.

        So I guess it still in process. that what i understand if am i right?