How many droplets can i create from a single Plan.

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I am very new to this Digital Ocean. I have one $10 plan, Can i create multiple droplets from this plan without extra cost ( eg. Do i have to pay $20 if i create 2 droplets.). My plan is to host Ruby on Rails on One droplet and wordpress application form another droplet.


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It has cost if I destroy a Droplet and I again create? How many times can be created to destroy ? Thank you .


the pricing plans are listed here. One plan = one VPS (virtual server). You can host multiple domains/sites on one droplet or create multiple droplets (each charged separately). DO currently limits 5 droplets per user. However, if you wish, you can create a ticket from your administration with this request and they will increase the limit for you.

  • I have the same question as ravisth7, but I’m not sure if the answer above addresses it completely.

    Does it mean that if I sign up for a $10/mth plan, I get charged $10/mth per droplet I create? Or does it mean that so long as I don’t exceed the 2TB transfer and 30GB memory according to the plan, I only get charged $10/mth regardless of how many droplets I create (within the droplet limit)?

    What is the point of creating separate droplets vs using a single droplet to host several websites?

  • Once again, DO calls its virtual servers droplets - each droplet that you spin up is a new virtual server. In other words, one plan = one droplet = one virtual server:

    • if you create one 10$ droplet, you get charged 10$ per month
    • if you create two 10$ droplet, you get charged 20$ per month
    • if you create one 10$ droplet and one 20$ droplet, you get charged 30$ per month

    The transfer limits are applied per droplet. So, if you create one 10$ droplet, this droplet has 2TB transfer limit (per month). Once this monthly transfer limit has been exceeded, the cost of bandwidth is $0.02 per GB over the limit.

    There are many reasons to create separate droplets, such as load balancing, high availability, … But, in general, it is enough to spin up one droplet for multiple (basic) websites.

  • Thanks! That helps…