How to upgrade php 5.5.9 to 7.0

October 18, 2016 21.4k views
Ubuntu PHP

Hello, i’m using Ubuntu 14.04 and PHP 5.5.9, but i need to upgrade PHP to a new version, 7.0.

What’s i need to do? I think that’s:

1º - Add PPA Repository : “add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php”
2º - Update : “apt-get update”
3º - Upgrade: “apt-get upgrade”

Would it be this?

1 Answer

I recommend you following the DigitalOcean tutorial on How To Upgrade To PHP 7. It is assuming you’re using PHP 5.x and explains whole process of upgrading

by Brennen Bearnes
PHP 7.0 was released on December 3, 2015. It promises substantial speed improvements over previous versions of the language, along with new features like scalar type hinting. This guide explains how to quickly upgrade a PHP 5.x installation on an Ubuntu 14.04 system with Apache or Nginx, using community-provided packages.
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