I’m using the new Apps features with a Ruby on Rails 6 application. Deployments are taking 10-20 minutes (sometimes 30 minutes) when they were taking about 1-2 minutes on Heroku (it’s a big application).

Right now during business hours I have an App that is deploying and the application has been down for about 20-45 minutes (as now there a ruby bug causing it to continuously deploy).

At this point I’m about to switch the application back to Heroku because we simply can’t run a business with a crashing server.

Has anyone else had this experience and if so is there any solution?

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@brodyhoskins 👋

We definitely appreciate your feedback here and realize it’s not yet optimal. We’re aware of some scenarios where build performance can be slow, as you’re describing. We will be continuously shipping improvements for this as we go forward, but can’t guarantee a specific timeline for your case yet.

We do guarantee zero-downtime deployments though, so your app shouldn’t be going down during a new deployment. If that’s the case, please reach out to DO Support and we can take a closer look together. If the problem you’re hitting is that your app initially deployed successfully but is not responding to traffic due to an in-app issue, then I’d suggest creating a staging app that deploys from a staging branch while you make changes and validate your app is functioning before deploying to your production app (by merging to your default branch for example).

Thanks for using the App Platform and providing feedback to us along the way, we definitely appreciate it and will continue to improve build performance and the platform in general.

  • I have the same issue. My app is brand new and does not have many features yet. Every deploy takes about 8-10 minutes, which definitely painful, maybe enough for me to use a different solution.

    I see that each time all of the gems are installed, so I’m guessing it’s related to how the docker image is built.

    It would be great to know if there will be vast improvements in the near future. It’s especially difficult developing a new app where stakeholders want to collaborate and see updates.

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