[Ubuntu] New /boot/grub/menu.lst after `apt-get upgrade`?

June 8, 2018 197 views
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Hi there!

Just started a new droplet with Docker.

I wanted to make sure I have the newest version, so I ran apt-get update and apt-get upgrade after which I got the following in Terminal:

A new version of /boot/grub/menu.lst is available, but the version
     │ installed currently has been locally modified.

     │ What would you like to do about menu.lst?

     │      install the package maintainer's version
     │      keep the local version currently installed
     │      show the differences between the versions
     │      show a side-by-side difference between the versions
     │      show a 3-way difference between available versions
     │      do a 3-way merge between available versions (experimental)   
     │      start a new shell to examine the situation

I've never edited the menu.lst file, I imagine this is something done by DO.

What exactly is happening here, and what option should I select?



3 Answers

Also hitting the same situation and would love some clarification.

The third option doesn’t show any non-whitespace differences between the two files, and as far as I can see, neither does the fourth one.

The fifth option, however, shows a change in root device from root=/dev/hda1 to root=LABEL=cloudimg-rootfs.

Which would be the right option to choose?

Update: after finding this discussion, I chose to keep the current version (prompted twice). After that, I rebooted my server and crossed fingers and it looks like it survived the reboot.

So I suppose the “keep current version” is not an entirely bad option.

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