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    how to debug the Discourse server's failure to send email

    I am trying to find out why is my just instantiated Discourse server failing to send email to the initial registered user that the installation completed successfully. The email address I am trying to receive the mess...
    2 By adriatic Email Configuration Management Ubuntu 16.04
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    As a complete DO novice, I would like to learn optimal means for configuring my droplets

    I am not a big fan of VIM editor, that seems like the only available facility to edit the configuration (app.yml) file directly in my droplet's console. What is the next best alternative (FTP, SFTP, Remote Desktop)?
    Accepted Answer: Try installing nano it's much better than VIM (I hate VIM also probably because I never learnt how to use it) apt-get install nano and then use nano whatever.txt
    2 By adriatic Configuration Management Ubuntu 16.04