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    LetsEcrypt Failure

    Their service seems to be down. Multiple users reporting issues. See [here](…
    Accepted Answer: Their service seems to be down. Multiple users reporting issues. See [here](…
    By ariziragoran
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    LetsEcrypt Failure

    Before i went to sleep yesterday i performed the following command sudo certbot certonly --webroot -w /var/www/ -d -d -w /var/www/ -d
    Accepted Answer: Their service seems to be down. Multiple users reporting issues. See here ( As was pointed out by ...
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    Is there anything to know about this fail2ban notification? I ask because all my other notifications don't have this RIPE DB query notification, so i'm wondering if this is something the hacker tried to access? ``` Hi...
    Accepted Answer: It's just information about the IP address. These notifications are pointless.
    1 By ariziragoran Firewall Ubuntu 16.04
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    nginx image folder and declaration

    I have two server blocks and as such /var/www/ /var/www/ What's the proper nesting? it should be /var/www/ /var/www/ /var/www/ or? ...
    1 By ariziragoran Nginx Ubuntu 16.04
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    Insecure Connection with www for nginx

    if i go to it will redirect to, the same is trye for any other http connection. However, if i type. i will get a browser warning of Your connection is not se...
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    Redirects do not work if port 80 is not enabled in ufw?

    I've changed my ufw settings to only allow port 22 for ssh and 443 for https. If i go to it works fine but if i try to go to then it says server not found. I take it i have no ...
    Accepted Answer: @ariziragoran At minimum, you need ports 22, 80, and 443 open and accepting incoming requests. Ports 80 and 443 are web-facing ports that are required for HTTP and HTTPS requests to get through.
    1 By ariziragoran Networking Ubuntu 16.04
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    NGINX LetsEncrypt Cert location tag question

    ``` server { listen 80; listen [::]:80; server_name *; return 301; } server { listen 80; listen [::]:80; root /var/www/domain...
    Accepted Answer: @ariziragoran If you're using the web root option, that's the method you'll need to use. The other option would be to use the certonly option, though you'd need to stop NGINX, run the certificate command, and then st...
    1 By ariziragoran Nginx Let's Encrypt Ubuntu 16.04
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    Secure with Let's Encrypt using Server Blocks

    Tutorial on how to use Let's Encrypt ( Tutorial on Server Blocks (
    Accepted Answer: You can add another --webroot-path. :) sudo certbot certonly --webroot --webroot-path=/var/www/mysite/html -d --webroot-path=/some/other/path -d Or, more briefly, sudo certbot certonly --webroo...
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    Difference between ssh and sshd

    I'm trying to secure my environment to possible intruders and i'm wondering what is the difference between ssh and sshd. I've already disabled clear text passwords and i'd like to know if i can turn off sshd? Or will ...
    Accepted Answer: @ariziragoran The client is ssh, the daemon is sshd. If you disable sshd, you won't be able to login remotely, so you'd effectively be locked out of the server. You're only means of logging in at that point would be ...
    1 By ariziragoran Security Ubuntu 16.04
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    DNS Networking redirects with Nginx to catch wildcards

    What i want to do: 1. Have two versions of the site, mobile and desktop. 2. Force naked URI, no www visible and redirect to appropriate mobile/desktop version. 3. Wildcard to catch all other gibberish and redirect to ...
    Accepted Answer: @ariziragoran When it comes to DNS WildCards, you'll need to set them up using an A entry, which would look like: A * DROPLET_IP or A *.m DROPLET_IP The first DNS entry catches a...
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    some random ip from india is trying to ssh into my ip all day??

    I've setup fail2ban according to the tutorial but this indian ip kept trying to authenticate in today after it was banned several times to the point where i increased the ban time for anyone trying to connect after 1 ...
    2 By ariziragoran Firewall Ubuntu
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    how to force www to naked url

    I have the url, everytime i press enter it redirects to, I don't want it to show the www part at all.
    1 By ariziragoran Nginx Ubuntu 16.04
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    subdomain for mobile site

    Running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 32bit, server is Nginx I'm looking at the networking tab for my droplet and i added the following: Type: CNAME Hostname: Value: TTL: 43200 I don't want the mobile ...
    Accepted Answer: @ariziragoran You need to setup two different virtual hosts in Nginx, in one of them the server_name must be and points to the directory where index.html for the desktop site is located use root directive ...
    1 By ariziragoran Nginx Ubuntu