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    How to fix Error code: BuildJobExitNonZero in vue

    My application builds and deploys successfully until last night. It keeps given me Error code: BuildJobExitNonZero. Below is the logs: 2021-06-17T09:43:24.860863681Z => Initializing build 2021-06-17T09:43:24.88826350...
    1 By billyston Vue.js
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    API Request don't work from the gateway api

    I have two api's in production. Api(1) is the gateway and api(2) is a products api. When I make a request straight to the products api (api2), it works fine. But when I make a post request from the gateway (api1) to t...
    1 By billyston API Building on DigitalOcean Databases PHP Frameworks PHP MySQL