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    What happened to CentOS 7.3?

    Hi, I still have a droplet using CentOS 7.3.1611 x64 and I wanted to make a new one using that same OS, but I noticed the option is gone. The only available options are now 6.9 x32/64 and 7.4 x64. 7.4 has been giving ...
    1 By blackoutro2006 Deployment CentOS
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    SMTP Relay Not Functioning

    Greetings, I have been using SMTP to send emails for my XenForo message board for around one year. Everything has worked perfect until now. Perhaps it is to do with the issue in my last thread (https://www.digitalocea...
    1 By blackoutro2006 Email DNS CentOS
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    Website sometimes returns DNS erro

    Here is an image preview of the error in Firefox
    By blackoutro2006
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    Website sometimes returns DNS erro

    Greetings, I have been using Digital Ocean for over a year now. Lately (last 6 months~) I have noticed sometimes my sub-domains will return DNS errors. It seems to be random when it happens, and it is hurting the user...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @blackoutro2006 There has been small delays/fallouts with the DigitalOcean name servers in some regions. It has been fixed now. That could be part of your problem. But another problem is that you have set the TTL ...
    3 By blackoutro2006 DNS CentOS