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    Varnish SSL and hitch SSL termination super bad performance

    @Woet That makes sense. Just a bit confusing with the CPU and the like showing 0 - 100% My stats
    By braminator
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    Gmail puts my mail in the spambox

    When I first created the mail server everything worked fine and mail landed in the inboxes of Gmail accounts. Now all of the sudden it keeps landing in Spam boxes. I even added SPF records and an Let's Encrypt SSL ce...
    Accepted Answer: You share an IP range with 250 other droplets, this will keep happening. Use something like Mailgun.
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    Varnish SSL and hitch SSL termination super bad performance

    I'm testing around with and noticed SSL (termination) in front of varnish serves very badly. My Digital Ocean graph ( seems to show Disk I/O maxed at 1.21MB/s (isn't this ...
    2 By braminator Caching Scaling Ubuntu 16.04
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    Setting up a GeoDNS server, are custom nameservers required/adviced?

    So i'm looking to setup a DNS server that picks the closest Varnish caching server available based on what country the request is coming from. This tutorial (
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    Control panel and master-master load balancing

    I have setup 3 droplets, 1 varnish load balancer and 2 backends. There are easy guides available for an master master Mysql setup, however I would also like an control panel to manage websites, mail & ftp accounts and...
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