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    How to generate new backup codes?

    I've been having a lot of problems logging in and have used most of my backup codes. How do I generate new backup codes?
    1 By cpeters5 Security
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    Gunicorn CPU usage suddenly increased to almost 100% since jan 20

    Was there anything happened around Jan 20, @21:30? CPU jumped from average of 30% to 60%, bandwidth jumpe3d from average of 15mb/s to almost 40mb/s. There wasn't any change in my gunicorn configuration nor my applica...
    1 By cpeters5 CentOS 8
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    This site cant be reached. The site took too long to respond

    I created a django project following instruction in the tutorial. After initial migration and run python runserver <myip>:8000, I couldn't access my site. The error message says it take too long to respond. ...
    1 By cpeters5 Django Apache
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    Database connection from a server fail with [ERROR] unknown variable 'log_bin_trust_function_creators=1'.

    I just created a database cluster with SSL connect and assigned the IP address of my server as trusted IP. When I tried to connect using the provided flag I got the unknown variable error mysql: [ERROR] unknown varia...
    1 By cpeters5 Databases MySQL
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    How to switch from password to ssh key authentication?

    I created a droplet with root password. Is it possible to change to ssh key authentication without destroying and recreating the droplet? I have already done considerable work on hte droplet and hate to start over ag...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @cpeters5, There are 3 things you would need to do in order to switch to a using an ssh key rather than a password. The first step would be to generate an ssh key. On your machine, in the terminal run the following...
    3 By cpeters5 CentOS 8 CentOS
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    How to connect to a database on DATABASE CLUSTERS

    I solved connection problem. I forgot to update trusted sources after deleting and recreating the current droplet. But now I ge…
    By cpeters5
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    How to connect to a database on DATABASE CLUSTERS

    I just created a droplet on Centos 8 and a data cluster to store MySQL database How do I access the database from centos?
    2 By cpeters5 CentOS 8 MySQL