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    "Error establishing a database connection" on a new WordPress site?

    I was running into a similar issue. Upon reboot the /var/run/mysqld directory seemed to vanish. See…
    By cylehunter33
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    Is it possible I could throw some geography into this? :)

    But wouldn’t you loose out on the benefits of having a load balancer then? Or does Amazon Route 53 take on this role in addition to…
    By cylehunter33
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    Images vs Provisioning Tools

    I'm a little new to this VPS business so forgive me if this is an obvious question. But it seems that a lot of VPS providers offer the ability to capture image snapshots of system state. What does that mean for provis...
    Accepted Answer: If you're new to VPSs, check out Salt (considered by many to be easier to learn than Puppet or Chef). <i>See</i> <a href="">How To Ins...
    1 By cylehunter33