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    Uncaught ReferenceError: process is not defined after resize

    I recently ran into a memory issue so I had to resize my droplet. Since then I just get a blank page at my url and the Chrome dev console tells me process is undefined. I ran npm run build on my create-react-app react...
    0 By davidalexthompson Node.js
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    How do I set up my react app routes with nginx?

    I got some nginx code from Question ( which makes my proxy work, but I'm not sure what it's actually doing, ex...
    0 By davidalexthompson Nginx React Ubuntu 18.04
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    How do I deploy my Jenkins build on a droplet?

    I have Jenkins set up with nginx in a docker container on a droplet. I installed the plugin Deploy to Container on Jenkins. Now I need to set up a Tomcat server to deploy the Jenkins war file to. So where does my Tomc...
    1 By davidalexthompson Deployment