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    To resize to another droplet plan

    I am currently using a general purpose plan (60/month), and planning to switch to a basic plan maybe (15/month) or (10/month) with the same size of SSD (25GB), only difference on the vCPUs, memory and transfer. All I ...
    2 By derek986986 DigitalOcean Droplets
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    Question of file size and bandwidth

    I am deploying a laravel app in my server and I am having a uploading file issues in my app. I want to upload video files to my app but it sometimes fail. I have configed my uploadfilesize as 800MB(the maximum) and ...
    1 By derek986986 Storage
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    Storage for uploading and downloading videos from my web application.

    I am trying to host a web application which there will be expected a lot of videos or images upload or download from the users who visit the site. I have noticed that there are 2 kind of storage in DigitalOcean(Volum...
    1 By derek986986 Object Storage Block Storage Storage