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    Marketplace LAMP Ubuntu 18.04 Rebuild

    Allrighty so just for completion: i can confirm original droplet was build using SSH key and after rebuild is still required over S…
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    Marketplace LAMP Ubuntu 18.04 Rebuild

    Hi, i'm rebuilding a droplet from the Destroy menu tab and than rebuild using the LAMP 18.04. My question is what is the default UNIX root password uppon login it asks (current) UNIX password: While i have no passwor...
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    How to use Spaces in Desktop App development

    I've almost finished building my desktop applications in electron. In the final process i want to send certain input fields from the electron application to a server. But now i'm looking into digital ocean's object st...
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    Doctl Spinup droplet from previous snapshot

    I've been trying to spinup droplets from previous snapshots, but the cli command requires the image Slug. is there a way to add a slug to a snapshot ?
    Accepted Answer: @Skyscrapers As far as I can see, you can't add a slug, though you don't need to provide doctl with a slug to create a new Droplet using a previously generated snapshot, you just need to pass the ID of the snapshot i...
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