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    Django + Storage

    Hello I have configured the setting to use a digital ocean storage. Here are the main settings: ``` AWSACCESSKEYID = 'xxx' AWSSECRETACCESSKEY = 'xx/PrLAEkM8' AWSSTORAGEBUCKETNAME = 'myname' AWSS3ENDPOINTURL = 'https:/...
    1 By djjordisoley Django Storage
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    Django handel request peak

    Hello, I have server (1 cup adn 1gb ram) with a django app, served with daphne and a redis server for django channels. Then I have a managed database (postgres) which is used in django app. My application is a very si...
    0 By djjordisoley Django Scaling
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    Django + Channels

    Hello, Is possible to deploy a django app with daphne, and postgress manage database, and a redis manage database, direct form github automaticly? Or I should deploy with docker? Thanks
    1 By djjordisoley DigitalOcean App Platform
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    Problem reach our web app ( dubai Etisalat)

    Hi, DNS may not be the problem, because if have only this problem with some Dubai customers. They can access to our web but…
    By djjordisoley
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    Problem reach our web app ( dubai Etisalat)

    Hello, We have some user from Dubai, that can connect to our website , and all user use Etisalat. The person that can not access to are from Dubai, (some person can access and some no, it's seams that all persons that...
    3 By djjordisoley Networking