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    Mongodb on Kubernetes failing due to network issues

    I'm running and MongoDB replica set on a kubernetes cluster (3 nodes) and on a regular basis of about 1 a day I get errors that indicating that networking between the 3 nodes has failed which results in errors such as...
    0 By dottodot Kubernetes MongoDB Networking DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes
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    CDN Origin caching

    At the moment I'm using Cloudfront as it has support for adding an origin that can be cached, is there any way to setup something similar on DO as would really like to be able to move away from AWS.
    2 By dottodot CDN Caching
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    rate limiting on Spaces?

    I’m using rclone to migrate files from aws and it’s been fine apart from a few minutes where it seemed to get stuck and spaces appe…
    By dottodot