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    PostgreSQL Limits for 64GB

    I have a managed PostgreSQL database with 64GB of RAM. On DigitalOcean's documentation ( site it has always been said that the connection ...
    1 By ElTommy DigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database
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    Rework to create OpenVPN

    I read this tutorial to create an OpenVPN server, it worked perfectly and was configured correctly. Now I ...
    1 By ElTommy VPN Security
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    Best way to configure Load Balancer with Cloudflare

    I need to integrate Cloudflare with my droplets through the Managed Load Balancer provided by DigitalOcean. This is my current configuration: Cloudflare WAF Configured Proxy Navigation Enabled (To support WAF) Use of ...
    1 By ElTommy DigitalOcean Managed Load Balancers Apache
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    How to configure Apache and PHP-FPM to support multiple subdomains?

    I have an Apache server that will have several subdomains running inside it, eg: I installed Apache 2.4.41 and PHP-FPM 7.4 on Ubuntu 20.04 by ...
    1 By ElTommy Apache PHP Ubuntu 20.04
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    DigitalOcean Load Balancer and Cloudflare

    I use Cloudflare with the proxy feature for my servers. And I'm thinking of using DigitalOcean's load balancing feature instead of CF. The problem is that the CF changes the source IPs for each request, can this affec...
    1 By ElTommy DigitalOcean Managed Load Balancers
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    OpenVPN with IPv4 and IPv6

    I'm creating a server with OpenVPN to mask my IP address using this article ( -ubuntu-20-04-en) from DigitalOcean. The s...
    0 By ElTommy VPN
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    Choosing between Basic and General Purpose Droplets

    I am currently using Basic Droplets with 8 vCPUs and in some cases the server's Load Average is in the range of 5 and 8. If I change my Droplet to one of General Purpose Droplets with only 2vCPUs, will it be able to h...
    2 By ElTommy Apache PHP Server Optimization
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    Configure Multiple Servers for SMTP in Exim - Send Only

    How do I set up an SMTP server with Exim to send emails through multiple servers with different IPs? This service will only be used to send emails from a SaaS platform, and an email client will never be configured to ...
    1 By ElTommy Ubuntu 18.04
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    SSL Certificate in Load Balancing

    I am looking to create some load balancing servers with high availability. Following this model: How To Set Up Highly Available HAProxy Servers with Keepalived and Floating IPs on Ubuntu 14.04 (https://www.digitalocea...
    0 By ElTommy Apache Ubuntu 18.04 High Availability Load Balancing
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    Advantages of using IPv6

    I have an Apache server in Ubuntu 16.04, is there any advantage in activating the use of IPv6 in my Droplet?
    2 By ElTommy Apache IPv6 Ubuntu 16.04
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    Subdomain is displaying main site after adding SSL

    Create a subdomain.conf and put the content of subdomain inside this file, just let the 000-default.conf with main site.
    By ElTommy
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    My server is blocking ajax from loading and showing server error.

    Error 500 is a fail of script/server. If you use Apache try to see the error log /var/log/apache2/error.log It will tell you whic…
    By ElTommy
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    Using DigitalOcean features to create a reliable server architecture

    Today I have several droplets for single tasks: Apache / PHP - Quantity: 1 PostgreSQL - Quantity: 1 NodeJS - Quantity: 1 ElasticSearch - Quantity: 1 Unfortunately on November 14, 2018 one of these droplets went offlin...
    1 By ElTommy Apache High Availability Load Balancing Ubuntu 16.04
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    High use of Bandwidth private

    Is it possible to know why my droplet has a high use of private bandwidth and for what other droplet it calls? This cause a high load average too. Example: Example link (
    Accepted Answer: Hey there, There are different ways of going about this, but I really like iftop for this purpose. I was able to locate a great guide on how to install it:
    1 By ElTommy Apache PostgreSQL Elasticsearch Ubuntu 16.04
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    Best rule setting for DigitalOcean firewall

    I have a MySQL droplet that just can only be accessed by other droplets through a specific port and accessed externally via SSH only. What is the best rule for the DigitalOcean firewall in this case (inbound / outboun...
    Accepted Answer: Just keep the inbound and outbound on 3306. Keep inbound on port 22 (ssh)
    1 By ElTommy MySQL Ubuntu 16.04
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    Secure Exim server

    I tested the server with MXToolBox ( and the result has been **“550 relay not permitted [644 …
    By ElTommy
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    Secure Exim server

    How can i configure my exim4 server to keep it protected? Today we noticed some emails sended through in, but this server dont is used to send emails, just to read. Is possible someone used telnet to send emails, i ne...
    Accepted Answer: Blocking the SMTP port in your firewall may cause issues when receiving mail from other servers. Instead you will want to ensure that exim is not configured to relay mail. This thread (
    2 By ElTommy Email Ubuntu 16.04
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    Unusual Activity in Public Outbound

    Today I noticed an unusual activity on my server, a high number in Public Outbound. I have goaccess, but Apache did not show any abnormal download. How do I track the cause of this problem? Interval 24 Hours https://i...
    1 By ElTommy Apache Ubuntu 16.04
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    Exim4 don't send emails

    I have installed exim4, but when send an email this error happens: T=remote_smtp defer (-53): retry time not reached for any host T=remote_smtp defer (110): Connection timed out T=remote_smtp defer (101): Network is ...
    1 By ElTommy Email Networking Ubuntu 16.04
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    Execute Script on Receive Email with Exim

    I configured Exim4 to receive fake emails in wildcard domains (eg: and run a command. But every time I send an email to the domain an error is returned. <^>2017-04-08 19:45:59 H=mail-qk1-fl21....
    0 By ElTommy Email System Tools Ubuntu 16.04