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    What security threats can I expect in the future?

    I have a Centos VPS. Considering that I've already installed DenyHosts, considering that I have root access disabled, in addition my Digital Ocean account uses a token authenticator to access, and I use a passphrase. ...
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    Writing symbols like "/" in VNC from Digital Ocean Console Page

    I have a Centos VPS. Even when I'm kind of new configuring Linux, it's known to me that I have to unable root access for security purposes. But then what can I do If I have to enter root again? Once I tried to access ...
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    VPS question about installations done to created users

    Thanks for your answer @ryanpq , now I notice I can see Nginx version from new user. But what about Ruby and RoR? I’ve installed …
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    VPS question about installations done to created users

    Hello, I have configured my VPS with Centos 7, Nginx and other installs in my root user. Everything has worked like a charm. But now that I have had to create a user I see that nothing is installed into this user. Bec...
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    Nginx 502 Bad Gateway simple Rails App in CentOS 7.x

    In CentOS 7.x I've installed a Rails app which I can access through [ip]:8080. It works. But when I set the domain name as a server_name (instead of localhost) I get a 502 Bad Gateway problem. I already restarted ngin...
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