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    Is 512MB enough for PHP + Node?

    It generally peaks at 50 sessions per hour, but has once in the last month reached 70. The Node-Mongo piece just serves up some ext…
    By hotbelgo
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    Is 512MB enough for PHP + Node?

    I'm thinking of use DO to deploy a wordpress blog (with average 400 sessions per day) that also includes one page that is actually an App powered by a node )+Mongo) backend. Is 512Mb enough power for that, assuming I ...
    2 By hotbelgo WordPress Node.js Getting Started LAMP Stack
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    Running Express server alongside Ghost droplet

    I want to build a Ghost blog with some extra functionality, based on a REST API (angular) and mongo database. All of this may be straightforward when Ghost Apps are possible, but in the meantime (and pending any desig...
    1 By hotbelgo