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    Getting a 400 response code on droplet create

    Please ignore this question. The problem turned out to be the structure of the json being sent. This is what it should have looke…
    By ianbr
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    Getting a 400 response code on droplet create

    While I know there is a community Java based API I have been trying to create a droplet via my own simple app but receive a 400 response code. Please could someone tell me what's wrong with my code. ``` package code;...
    1 By ianbr DigitalOcean Java Ubuntu
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    How do I know when an API created droplet is ready

    Hi All, I am using the Java API and can successfully create a droplet and get back the new ID and IP address. What I'm not sure on, is how do you identify when the droplet is actually ready for use. For example after ...
    1 By ianbr Java DigitalOcean Ubuntu