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    Ftp upload rate issue.

    Are you using Total Commander as the FTP client? Same exact problem here, chan…
    By infern0
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    Upload speed on AMS2

    We have a static content server in the AMS2 area (at floating IP, and although we have simmetric 300mbps FTTH connections at the office, we are only getting constant 180kbps upload rates when uploading ...
    1 By infern0 Networking Ubuntu
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    Backups & Snapshots on a Server while its running is possible??

    Does this answer still applies in 2016? The snapshot button on my 512MB server reads “Take online snapshot”, although it is “recomm…
    By infern0
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    How to know if all DNS have switched to the floating IP upgrade?

    Hi all! Added a floating IP to the server A, everything working and looking good. Next step would be changing our DNS record to point to the floating IP instead of pointing to the droplet IP. We expected the networkin...
    1 By infern0 DNS Networking