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    Spaces with Unity

    I'm interested in using Spaces with a Unity application. Is there a recommended method for uploading/downloading content to Spaces through Unity? And is it possible to limit access to only devices running my client?
    0 By isaluki API DigitalOcean Spaces Development
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    Alternative to WHMCS for reselling DigitalOcean products

    Hello, Would anyone be able to let me know what some viable alternatives to WHMCS are? I want to be able to resell DigitalOcean products using the API system. Thanks!
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    What's the best way to sell VPS hosting through DigitalOcean?

    Hello, I'm interested in starting up a hosting business through the DigitalOcean system. My plan is to start off by offering VPS hosting (automated with WHMCS). I've had a look and can see that there are different way...
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