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    Configure Nginx for HTTPS - cannot establish secure connection!

    So I got the website up and running, got HTTPS working and configured Nginx to redirect http calls over to HTTPS sudo nano /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default ``` HTTP - redirect all requests to HTTPS: server { l...
    1 By johnareid Nginx Ubuntu 16.04
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    Web startup - long Proxy negotiation

    So - I have got my website using Digital Ocean up and running and I am looking at performance in terms of startup/loading times. When starting the web page in Chrome using Chrome tools the first line in the network t...
    Accepted Answer: Hi! Do you have a proxy configured locally on your computer or Chrome? If so, try disabling it. Also see if the same happens on a different computer connected to a different network. Your website loads quickly in ~200...
    1 By johnareid Node.js Ubuntu