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    WordPress 1-Click Install Not Working

    Hey all, I'm trying to create a new droplet using the DO 1-click WordPress/Ubuntu 20.04 ( from the Marketplace. I ha...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @jplafata, I just created a new WordPress droplet and followed it through all the way, I can confirm everything worked properly for me and my website got all the CSS and everything as it's supposed to. Can you plea...
    1 By jplafata WordPress Ubuntu 20.04
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    SELinux Boolean Seemingly Random Reset

    Hey all, I've been working on a droplet developing a small WordPress site on CentOS 8. Early on in development, I set the SELinux boolean httpd_can_network_connect to true as I was experiencing problems updating theme...
    1 By jplafata CentOS 8 CentOS
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    Upgrade PHP from 7.2 to 7.4 on CentOS 8 and Apache

    Hi all, I host 2 WordPress sites using Apache(httpd) on my droplet and am getting the nagging message to upgrade my version of PHP. I've found some tutorials and article on installing PHP, but nothing regarding upgrad...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @jplafata, In order to upgrade from one PHP version to another just need to install it. There is no actual upgrade process like upgrading from Ubuntu 16 to 18. You just install your new PHP version and make that th...
    2 By jplafata PHP Apache CentOS CentOS 8
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    Proper Permissions for Wordpress CentOS

    I've been stuck on this for quite some time despite following plenty of guides and trying multiple combinations of file ownership/permissions to no avail. So I'm reaching out here in hopes someone might be able to hel...
    2 By jplafata PHP WordPress Security CentOS Apache