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    What does "xTB Transfer" mean in the pricing plans?

    How do you find out how much you’ve used up out of the 1TB? You say “in the last 28 days, I have done 102.9 GB out and 22GB in”… …
    By JustBeamIt
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    What does "xTB Transfer" mean in the pricing plans?

    On the Pricing page, it lists all the plans and the amount of "Transfer" for each plan. What does that number mean? What do "1TB Transfer" / "2TB Transfer" / etc... mean? Is this bandwidth? Is this amount of bytes al...
    3 By JustBeamIt
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    Can I reorder my droplets?

    The Droplets view shows all of my droplets ordered by when I created them. Is there a way to reorder them? For example, I first created droplet "A", then "B", then "C", and I view them in that order in the Droplets vi...
    2 By JustBeamIt
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    How can I switch the Linux distribution image on my droplet?

    I saw the announcement that Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is now available for spinning up new droplets. Currently, my droplet is running on Ubuntu 13.10 x32, and I wanted to "upgrade" to Ubuntu 14.04. Is there an easy way to chan...
    1 By JustBeamIt