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    Managed Database password authentication failed for user

    Okay, got to the bottom of this one. Here is the updated code for my db.js file: "use strict"; const fs = require('fs') ...
    By Kalimetric
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    Managed Database password authentication failed for user

    Hi, I have been trying to connect to my managed database server through node. I am using pg-promise library with the following code which makes use of sslrootcert: ``` "use strict"; const fs = require('fs') const pgP...
    1 By Kalimetric PostgreSQL DigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database Node.js
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    Best Practice for Digital Ocean Account and Email

    I am a very small business so far, about to set up my live production server. What is the best practice for setting up my Digital Ocean account? Should I be using a separate business email address? My problem with t...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @Kalimetric, What I would do in this case is to create a company Gmail address, for example, and then use it for any company related accounts. That way as you said, if the company grows y...
    1 By Kalimetric DigitalOcean Accounts Email