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    Why DO storage optimized droplets expensive compared to AWS, GCP?

    I was comparing DO storage optimized droplet largest instance to AWS, GCP counterparts which you can see below. DO storage optimized droplet Memory : 256GB CPUs : 32 vCPUs Storage : 7.03TB SSD Net interface speed...
    Accepted Answer: Great question! At this time DO only offers what would be equivalent to On-Demand pricing. Comparison of On-Demand Pricing: With the same specs as above (using US East), that puts the comparable prices for AWS at $2,...
    1 By kaushalyap DigitalOcean Droplets
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    Can ScyllaDB cluster be deployed to DO without performance bottleneck?

    According to ScyllaDB hardware requirements ( it needs network interface speed of 10 - 56 GB/s for production work loads, but as far...
    Accepted Answer: Hi! I’m honestly am not very familiar with ScyllaDB, but do know that our network speed is 2 GB/s for both Basic droplets and Dedicated droplets (General Purpose, CPU optimized, Mem optimized, Storage optimized).
    2 By kaushalyap Databases NoSQL Networking