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    Kubernetes External Load Balancer Service

    Hi, I'm building a container cluster using CoreOs and Kubernetes, and I've seend that in order to expose a Pod to the world you have to create a Service with Type: LoadBalancer. I was wondering how to achieve this wit...
    5 By mateeyow Clustering Docker Load Balancing Networking
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    Can't bind Anchor IP on haproxy docker container

    Hi! I'm trying to bind my droplet's anchor IP address to haproxy. Here's my haproxy.cfg file: ``` global maxconn 4096 debug defaults log global mode tcp option tcplog option dontlognull timeout ...
    1 By mateeyow Networking Docker High Availability Load Balancing CoreOS Ubuntu
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    API endpoint for getting ip acnhor and private ip

    Hi Guys! I really like your new API but I was wondering if you have an endpoint for getting the anchor ip address and private ip using API only. If none exists, do you have any plans on adding this on your API? Thanks!
    2 By mateeyow DNS DigitalOcean API