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    Private network IP range, how the addresses are assigned

    Hi, I have a database server and several app servers. The connection between database and app is over local network only. The number of app servers will be dynamic i.e. I will spin up and destroy servers based on dema...
    1 By matej625377 Networking MySQL Ubuntu
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    /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts

    When I set up a droplet I was "lazy" with naming. Now my hostname is "". And there are two websites on the server (NGINX). I want to change hostname from "" to Production. But I am slightly lost sinc...
    1 By matej625377 Networking Linux Basics DNS Debian
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    Problems with fastCGI PHP Ubuntu 14.04 enabling

    I tried to enable FastCGI PHP as per this post: No luck. Could not enable the fastCGI. phpinfo still shows: Server API Apache 2.0 Handler But t...
    2 By matej625377
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    W3 Total Cache on Ubuntu / Apache

    Hi, trying to activate W3 Total Cachce, but I got the following error: W3 Total Cache error:It appears Minify URL rewriting is not working. Please verify that the server configuration allows .htaccess Unfortunately mi...
    1 By matej625377