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    Moving files using laravel

    We were not able to fix the move command. We solved it by uploading to the new location after that deleting the file from the old …
    By mbodo
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    How to setup Cyberduck with digitalocean droplet

    Good day, I'm trying to setup a connection to my digitalocean droplet with Cyberduck. But i can't get it working. Any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance br maarten
    1 By mbodo DigitalOcean Networking
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    Moving files using laravel

    I have a issue with moving images on digitalocean. I'm using the following code: php Storage::disk('do-spaces')->move('xxx/uploads/temp/'.$image_name_request, 'xxx/dps/images/'.$image->image_filename); source: h...
    5 By mbodo DigitalOcean Spaces