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    CDN for Spaces worth it?

    I have a video sharing site whereby we use DO Spaces as our bucket for content. We have finally setup our bucket and got our site working with DO by serving videos from our Space. The question is, would enabling CDN a...
    2 By mgtow4life DigitalOcean
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    How to upload with CrossFTP to Spaces?

    Your suggestion works since I already have the files downloaded. But I ended up taking the long way by doing a sync between AWS and…
    By mgtow4life
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    How to upload with CrossFTP to Spaces?

    I'm migrating from AWS S3 to Spaces. I was able to download all my AWS files to my Mac with CrossFTP but stuck on how to get them to Spaces. I did the browser drag and drop but I have over 230 files and every now and ...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, You could try using CyberDuck instead, here's a step by step guide on how to use CyberDuck with DigitalOcean Spaces: Hope that this helps! Bobby
    3 By mgtow4life DigitalOcean
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    Disable sms codes for overseas contractors

    Hi, I have overseas contractors accessing my account to setup DO with other software of mine. I do not have 2 factor authorization enabled and when they log in it sends me a SMS code that I must relay back to them obv...
    1 By mgtow4life DigitalOcean