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    Is this normal memory usage?

    It’s a small WordPress site I don’t think its a plugin issue. I recently hardened my server hoping that would fix the issue but it …
    By mike212916
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    systemd-journald: Memory useage keeps increasing. Is this a leak?

    I moved my site from shared hosting to DO + ServerPilot and I love the speed. But now I would like to put 5 websites on this 2gb droplet. However I noticed my 1 website was using a lot of memory. So I ran some comman...
    2 By mike212916 WordPress Arch Linux Server Optimization
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    Is this normal memory usage?

    Seems that my 1 wordpress website is using about 380mb of memory. Is this normal? I'm not seeing any error logs. Im using Serverpilot to monitor the memory: I'm wondering what...
    2 By mike212916 WordPress Monitoring Server Optimization
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    Site not looking right after migration

    Hi, I was wondering if you can point me in the right direction. I just bought a digital ocean droplet and connected it to ServerPilot. I installed a fresh WordPress via ServerPilot. -For the Domain in ServerPilot ar...
    2 By mike212916 WordPress