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    How To Backup Deleted Droplet ?

    oh ((( no external backups .. ok , thanx
    By miraliko
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    Hi, is it possible to restore droplet ?

    Hi, i need a help, it is very important for me. Few days ago i removed droplet ( ). i forgot to do backup the mongoDB. I will be very very very thankful . Please restore the droplet, please dont sa...
    1 By miraliko DigitalOcean Backups Ubuntu 16.04
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    How To Backup Deleted Droplet ?

    Hi dear administration , i have a terrible situation now . A few days ago i removed my droplet ( domain was, ip i forgot ). Problem is i forgot to do backup database (( . in this ubuntu server was a mong...
    2 By miraliko Backups Databases Ubuntu 16.04