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    How to deploy a PR preview inside droplet?

    Just like in Netlify we get option for branch preview. How can we setup similar thing inside DigitalOcean Droplet? For example:
    0 By mittalyashu DigitalOcean Ubuntu Nginx
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    How to SSH into DigitalOcean Spaces?

    I am trying to migrate the files from third-party server to DigitalOcean spaces. Due to large volumes in files, the only option I can see is download the zip file in Spaces and extract the files. For that I need acces...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @mittalyashu You can use s3cmd in order to manage the object storage via ssh. In this way you can quickly upload the files you need. Once you have s3cmd configured you can simply upload all of your files to th...
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    spaces.putObject doesn't support contentType

    I did check the official AWS SDK documentation ( and it does support the contentType property. But after adding the contentType in using ...
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    How can i upload more than 1500k files into Digital Ocean Spaces at once?

    You can write custom script and left it to run on the server and you can check the progress later. But make sure to check the do…
    By mittalyashu
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    How to deploy using Github action?

    I did saw the example repository of kubernetes (, but it is not really helpful. My workflow it pretty simple, just pull the changes from the specific branch and ...
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